As we are close to new age of the development of the technology The scientific research became our real safety. The scientific research became a necessary because the technology is the basic of increasing the national income and the production.

From the responsibility of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology towards the development of the science and technology and with the faith of us; the scientific research is the basic of technology and the technology is the basic stage for the production and services. And the production and services are the source of development and the rapid inclusive of the development is the main axis to achieve qualified level and humanitarian protection for the Egyptian citizen…

It is my pleasure to present the new web of the Patent Office that includes the information relates to the granted patents that were issued from the Patent Office from the year of 1973 until now. And besides to the description about how to apply application to get a protection for invention, utility models, industrial designs for the integrated circles and the trade secret information and also the international laws and treaties of the Patent system. We hope that the new web will encourage the Egyptian inventors and innovators that return back with good for the interested people in this important field that is one of intellectual innovations.
I have a truth wish that this work will achieve the wanted aim to more prosperity, welfare and progress for our dear Egypt under the leadership of President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak .


Academy of Scientific Research & Technolog

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Sakr